2018 Budget

Hello Parents of Hunter Football Little League,

We would like to take this time to break down the expenses as it relates to the registration fees.  This year's registration fee will remain unchanged at $300.00 per player.  As a non-profit organization, 501(c)3, this league's main objective is to keep children safe while teaching the fundamentals of football, how to work together to achieve goals and never give up on yourself or your teammates.

We see this as more than just winning a game or who gets more playing time.  This is more of a life lesson and teaches teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship.  Above all, the safety of each and every individual from the tiniest scout to the largest Bantam/Junior.  This also includes the Coaching Staff, Board Members and families that are cheering your player from the sideline.

The safety we are talking about ranges from how to properly tackle a ball carrier to prevent head and neck injuries.  2 years ago, on Hunter home fields, 3 major injuries occurred which required medical transportation.  Luckily none involved Hunter players.

With that said, in 2016 we purchased, for every single player, brand new helmets.  This purchase alone was almost $19,000 for certified helmets.  In addition, we purchased brand new game pants for our players.  The 2018 season requires these helmets to be recertified.  The cost of recertification is $30.00 ea. for 210 helmets for a total of $6,300.  

Let’s look at a breakdown of the registration costs.

2018 Registration Fee is $300.00 per player.


Home and Away


Credit Card Online Fees

Link to online fees


Ref / Trainer / Security



Franchise Fee

Link to franchise fees




Provided that the Ute Conference does not pay for helmets, shoulder pads, pants, mouthpieces or anything in the concessions, this leaves us, as a franchise, to continue operating with only $100 per player that registers.

Now, let’s look at what it costs the Conference for each game played.

Referee #1


Referee #2


Referee #3


Referee #4









Insurance Per Game


This brings a total cost of $317.00 per game played.

In 2017, every weekend there was approximately 200 games played throughout the Conference.

The cost per Saturday during the regular season was: $63,400.

Our 2018 budget is estimated that we will lose approximately $1,500 mostly due to the helmet recertification fees.  The budget is estimated for 155 players for our district.